Water your raised bed properly

Proper watering of your raised bed is critical to the growth and well-being of your plants. In this blog post, we will tell you how often and how much you should water and when is the best time to do so.

Raised beds love lots of water

Watering the raised bed Livlig53

First of all - your raised bed needs significantly more water than a normal bed. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the rotting process inside the raised bed makes the earth up to 5°C warmer than in a normal bed. On the other hand, the raised bed is also exposed to the sun's rays from all sides, which means that the soil is additionally heated.

As a result, the irrigation water evaporates faster. However, the additional heat has the special advantage that the growth of the plants is stimulated. If you water enough, you can take advantage of this warming effect.

The best time to water your raised bed

It is best to water your raised bed early in the morning every day. It is best to use rainwater for this or water with our flower spray , which comes very close to watering from a watering can and gently waters. The earth is not yet warmed up so much by the sun's rays and the water on the leaves can evaporate in the rising sun. If you only water in the evening, the water that sits on the leaves could lead to rotting.

On particularly hot summer days, you should water both in the morning and in the evening. Even though your raised bed needs a lot of water, you should make sure that there is no waterlogging to ensure that the roots do not become rotten. If you have set up your raised bed correctly, the water can drain into the soil and excess water is prevented from damming up. However, this is different for terrace raised beds with a solid floor. Here it should always be considered that the water cannot run off and excessive watering could lead to the roots of the plants being permanently in the water.

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