The team and motivation behind Livlig53

Enjoying life is what drives us!
We all love our home, it's the place where we relax, work and spend quality time with family. With each of our products, it is important to us that we can identify with it 100% and we want you to feel the same way. Knowing that we make other people happy with our products, be it as a gift or for yourself, drives us in a very special way.
See our products as an expression of your style , your joy in life and the awareness of sustainable materials .
We don't want a throwaway society. We want to design high-quality products and impress you with our collections.
That's what drives us - you, our desire for harmonious product worlds and the thought that we can contribute a little bit to style awareness.

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  • Ronjah


    Hat der Name Livlig eine Verbindung mit dem schwedischen Wort livlig?

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