Give the garden hose a winter home

Winter is coming and with it the cold. Now it's high time that you give your wonderful Livlig garden hose a winter home alongside your plants. Even if a hose is just as much a feast for the eyes in winter, there is a lot you can do now to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Step 1 I Empty the water hose

The first thing you should do is empty the water hose. The first night frosts are already here, so get out the water quickly, otherwise it will freeze. This should be avoided at all costs, because in such a case the hose can burst - and not only that: the faucet attached to the hose will also be affected. So remove the loose water hose from the connector and do the same with the connectors at the ends.

This task requires you to work particularly thoroughly. A small amount of water in the hose can cause it to become porous. Unfortunately, you won't notice this until next summer when there are smaller holes in the hose.

A little tip from us - a tree or even a strong man can help :)

It is important that you drain the water on both sides. This is not easy given the length of the hose. A tree, for example, can help: hang the hose over high branches and let the ends hang down, then the water will flow out on its own.

Step 2 I Wrap the hose well...

Once you have freed the hose of the last bits of water, pack it up for the winter. To do this, loosely fold the rolled up loose hose - ideally in very large loops (approx. 1 meter). This means it doesn't kink or become porous. If you have a hose pot, you can store it directly with the pot.

The last step is frost-proof storage

Be sure to store the hose for winter after you roll it up. There should always be a place for the hose in a basement, garage, gazebo or shed.

Our tip! With a hook, our treasures can be wonderfully hung on any wall and since you have placed large loops, they don't take up much space.

Even if we have now packed up our tubes with a little sadness - next spring is coming!

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