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Modern garden &
Cottage Garden

in style and design comparison

Gardens are like living works of art that reflect our personality and lifestyle. When it comes to garden design, everyone has many, many options. Today we're taking a closer look at the modern garden and the cottage garden. Both have their own charms and characteristics and are beautiful.

The Modern Garden

Clear structure and purist shapes

  • Clear lines and minimalist shapes dominate in the modern garden. Everything is reduced to the essentials. Architectural elements such as walls, cuboids and raised platforms characterize the image and give the garden a contemporary aesthetic.

Materials and Colors

  • Fine materials such as natural stone, wood, metal and concrete are used. The colors are rather subtle and kept in a uniform color spectrum.

Bite on different levels

  • Raised beds are a popular design element. They divide the garden into different rooms and provide variety. Beds of different heights with matching plants fit harmoniously into the overall design.

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The Cottage Garden

Natural wildness and romance

  • The cottage garden is a symbiosis of natural wildness and structure. Lushly blooming perennials, roses and wild herbs characterize the idyllic look.

The cottage as the centerpiece

  • The cottage, an English country house or cottage, is at the center. Garden paths, flower beds and rustic structures frame the cottage.

Colors and plant selection

  • Colorful flowers in abundance are characteristic. The color palette ranges from delicate pastel tones to bold colors. The selection of plants is varied and informal.

A place of relaxation

  • The cottage garden invites you to linger. Seats, cozy corners and romantic details create a cozy atmosphere.

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Both garden styles have their charm - the modern garden with its clear aesthetics and the cottage garden with its romantic naturalness. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal taste and individual needs. Of course, a successful combination of both styles is always possible!