Cooking outdoors

Why enamel should not be missing in your outdoor kitchen

At first glance, enamel may seem like a relic of days gone by. Many of us still remember the nostalgic headpots from our childhood. But it's not without reason that enamel has been used for decades. The material combination of steel and glass not only makes enamel particularly durable and aesthetically appealing, but also promises numerous possible uses in the home and garden. We want to address the latter in particular in this blog post and tell you why we think enamel is a clear must-have for the garden!

What is enamel anyway?

This question needs to be answered right from the start: Enamel is essentially a metal core that is covered with a thin layer of glass and then fired in a kiln. This combination makes enamel particularly robust, durable, easy to care for and perfect for use in the garden:

  • Shockproof & Robust:  This feature is exactly what we need when cooking and serving in the garden or even on the terrace. Even if a corner gets damaged, the dishes remain ready for use and get a very special touch. 
  • Tasteless & easy to clean: This makes washing up - for example in the outdoor kitchen - a lot easier. Thanks to the non-porous surface, enamel is odorless and particularly easy to care for. Simply rinsing with water is often sufficient. 
  • Perfect Heat & Cold Storage: Which is ideal for us to cool drinks on hot summer days or keep tea warm in winter.  
  • Stylish & Timeless:The material will undoubtedly impress for years and gives your garden table a nostalgic yet modern touch. 

What can you do with enamel in the garden? 

The question is more what you can't do with the dishes. Whether for serving at a picnic, preparing in the outdoor kitchen or decorating in the garden - with us, enamel always shows its best side: 

Outdoor cooking:  

Here we often use the enamel bowl as a salad bowl, washing bowl or drinks cooler. In combination with the enamel wine cooler you have a beautiful vessel that can serve either as a cooler or as a kitchen organizer. 

Enjoy consciously and relaxed:  

With enamel dishes you no longer have to worry about broken dishes. On the contrary, even if the paintwork comes off, the dishes can continue to be used without any concerns. In addition, compared to some plastic alternatives, enamel does not release any harmful chemicals or particles into your food. So you can rest assured that your meals are free of unwanted substances and you can fully enjoy the outdoors. 

Prepare and serve in style:  

We benefit from the robust yet aesthetic material, especially at barbecue parties or picnics. The enamel bowl or jug ​​is perfect for preparing food and drinks without the odors being permanently absorbed into the material. 

Heat & cold storage

Perfect for hot summer days

Stylish & Timeless

Prepare and serve in style

Enamel makes cooking and serving outdoors twice as fun and ensures you can enjoy your time in the garden even more! For us, enamel products are clearly a must-have for every well-equipped outdoor kitchen and successful garden party.  

Convince yourself of the quality and versatility of our enamel products, which combine timeless design and lasting functionality in one and leave a lasting impression!