LIVLIG stands for joy in life.

Our products are characterized by first-class materials, subtle colors and clear shapes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also leave a lasting impression.

As a lifestyle brand for home and garden, we want to inspire people to design their homes authentically and according to their ideas. We focus on quality and functionality while handling resources consciously and responsibly to create products that embody Livlig and bring lasting joy!

our mission

Our products promote a conscious lifestyle and careful use of resources.

We strive to form a community that shares the joy of life, the connection with nature and the appreciation for quality. With Livlig we help ensure that joy of life is not just a product, but is widely recognized as an authentic philosophy of life.



Especially applies to
our material selection in focus. Materials such as brass and steel are durable and valuable.

We also produce our EDEN hose collection with diagonal reinforcement, which is particularly robust and resistant.

LIVLIG Nachhaltigkeit


We always pay attention to slim packaging and short delivery routes for all of our products.

Where possible we use recycled materials. Our garden hoses, for example, consist of 60% recycled materials, which are obtained directly from production.



Our hose production is located in Germany.

This not only avoids long transport routes and keeps emissions levels low
maintained, and the demanding quality control of the products can be guaranteed at all times.

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