Tips for an effortless

Handling the garden hose

More joy and less frustration: insider tips about the hose

The garden hose - an indispensable tool on hot summer days, a source of water for your plants, but also sometimes difficult to handle. So that there is no more frustration when dealing with your beautiful garden hose, I have summarized the most important tips for you here!

Top tip

For better handling, I recommend connecting the hose to the tap and first filling it with water. You can then roll it out. This means the hose is more stable and twists less. The same when winding up - wrap the filled hose in large loops over the wall bracket, use a hose pot or a hose trolley. Then let the water drain out of the hose.

Tip 2

It is best to use a holder for proper storage. Avoid storing the hose bent or twisted to maintain its shape. In winter, the hose is completely emptied into the cellar or garden house so that it is frost-proof and ready for the next season.

Tip 3

Avoid direct sunlight and store the garden hose in the shade or in a shed. The enormous temperatures make the PVC material very soft and the hose becomes harder to handle. Here, as in the top tip, the hose can first be filled with cold water in order to regain its strength.

I hope the tips help you. Have fun with your garden hose from LIVLIG.